Colli - Monte San Giovanni Campano (Lazio), Italy
Monte San Giovanni Campano
Latium, Italy


Our wines are made from indigenous grape varieties, cultivated for more than a hundred years on this land, once the property of the Lucernari Counts. We produce our wines according to the dictates of biodynamic agriculture. Our wines are neither filtered nor clarified and use only the bare minimum of sulfites.

We rely only on the resources that our territory offers us and the work of man, of ourselves. Ecology, ethics, social and economic sustainability combine to form biodynamic thinking.


Our extra virgin olive oil, Olea Salus, is made from the use of multiple varieties of olives, all of which originate from the local area, in order to achieve a balanced taste. The olives are harvested entirely by hand during veraison to make the most of their organoleptic properties.

The extra virgin olive oil is cold-pressed from biodynamic agriculture. The olives are crushed, as quickly as possible to avoid oxidation, using a granite stone grinding wheel.

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort."

John Ruskin

Our olive oil

We are especially proud that our oil is appreciated all over the world by top chefs. Currently, our extra virgin olive oil is served on the tables of three Michelin-starred restaurants.

L'Arpège, Paris - France

Chef Alain Passard, best chef in the world in 2017.

Toma Restaurant, Liege - Belgium

Chef Thomas Troupin, creator of “immersive cooking.”

Le Coq aux Champs, Tinlot - Belgium

Chef Christophe Pauly, best Belgian chef 2020-2021.